Tips for surviving in a small town
May 9, 2006, 1:30 am
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Whenever I go to the grocery store I encounter at least eight people I know quite well. A routine trip for a carton of milk can take anywhere from 20 mintues to almost an hour. I should have kept this fact in mind when I popped in this afternoon for a few things. Today I mainly needed to visit the first aid aisle. I don't know what the problem is with me right now, perhaps I am not drinking enough water, maybe I don't eat enough fiber, but whatever the case my lower end is reaching emergency status and I needed to tend to things.

I surveyed all the products and settled on a small box, 8 tablets. I rarely have this problem, in fact only when I am pregnant, so I didn't think I needed to buy an economy size.  (And, no I am NOT pregnant.) After grabbing the box, I pushed Devon (we had walked and he was strapped down in the Jogger) on to the fruit aisle in search of some ruffage. Unfortunately I ran into about five people between the two aisles. There I was  the small package clutched in one hand while I pushed the stroller with the other. As I chatted I completely forgot about my original intention for being in the store and the package in my hand. After about the fourth conversation I kept noticing the other person staring down at my hand. It wasn't until I found Matt in line and went to put my item in the cart that I realized what the people were noticing. That box in my hand with the giant letters spelling out EX LAX. 

Surely people must have better things to do than discuss my bowel routines. Surely. Thing is, if I ran into somebody in the store who was oblivious of a pack of laxatives she was holding for all the world to see, I would pass it on. Petty? Yes. Small? That's me. Sometimes karma kisses you in oddest of ways. 


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Remember this line: “I`m buying this for my husband because he`s too ashamed to buy it for himself! Aren`t men silly?”

Comment by L.

HA! LOL! (Laughing at L.’s comment).

Comment by caloden

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