May 5, 2006, 11:37 am
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If I lived in a mob family I would have my brother Danny or Uncle Vito go down to the Montesorri preschool where we are on the waiting list for Devon to get a spot. They would rough up the head administer a little bit and promise much more harm if Devon was not given a spot by next Monday.

I love the little guy something fierce but we have been velcroed together for over 20 months now. I need to work. I wouldn’t mind a few minutes in the bathroom all by myself, having Devon watch me pee while he giggles uncontrollably is amusing but some privacy would be nice. And I would love to be able to pick up his toys and have them remain that way for more than 90 seconds.

I’m not asking for much time. Four half days, three times a week. And those fuckers at the school have no room until September. That’s four months away. I need an Italian cousin.


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I am not Italian, but if you need me to come out there and kick some ass, just say the word.

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