May 1, 2006, 2:49 pm
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Last night I had a variation on my anxiety dream. This time not only was I back in Jr. High School trying to finish some Godforsaken math course, but I was also five months pregnant. In my dream I found this especially disturbing because I had a tubal ligation after Devon was born. When I awoke from surgey I asked my doctor if she was absolutely sure she had completely snipped my fallopian tubes. She replied that not only had she snipped them but that she also cauterized the ends and then buried them in muscle. So in my dream I was raging pissed that my tubes had somehow reattached themselves to my uterus and allowed an egg to pass through.

I woke up in a panic this morning feeling my belly just to make sure there was no bump. Well, there was a bump, but it was soft and flabby -no baby kicking in there just soft ole me. Not the best way to start the week, but at least I'm not pregnant either.


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Oh god, I hate those dreams.

I dreamt the other night that I was in a car with tom and pat– pat was in the driver’s seat. tom was in the passenger seat. I was in the backseat. And I had the steering wheel. I was driving the car.

Comment by jen

Aww, mama, I hate those kind of dreams. Funny how your mind can play tricks on you like that.

PS I love Big love too.

Comment by Domestic Chicky

Not exactly comforting for someone who’s pregnant to read. 🙂

Comment by Amber

Oh, my pregnant dreams are the WORST. I much prefer my “plane crash” anxiety dreams.

Comment by L.

Yeah, how much would that suck?

Comment by Kelly

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