Have Ferret, Will Travel
April 26, 2006, 4:59 am
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Matt and the kids and I visit Matt’s parents about three or four times each year. We live close enough so that anything less would be rude, but just far enough away, about 6 hours, that the trip is really quite an undertaking. We had been trying to visit during March and most of April, but due to my work schedule and fatigue I kept begging off. This past weekend I had used up all of my excuses, and whether or not I was actually dying we were all going to pack into Matt’s car and make the trek. The trip would be more enjoyable if Matt had a large SUV or I had a smoothe mini van equipped with DVD entertainment, but alas, he drives a small Toyota. Not only does his vehicle not sport movies for the kids but it also has just a tape player, and since we own only CD’s this leaves us to the mercy of conservative Utah radio programming for most of the ride.

When we leave town we send our shithead dog, Mouse, to stay with my parents. We once left him with a friend but Mouse has severe separation anxieties and he ran away from the house for over 48 hours. My mother tends to our cat, George, but she draws the line at ferret sitting. Since our unfortunate experience with Whinny the Guniea during our Christmas visit to Utah, we decided to take Hyde the Ferret with us to the In-Law’s house. Yes. How fucking crazy is that? I couldn’t quite wrap myself around this aspect of the trip until I actually witnessed Matt collapsing the large cage, emptying out the litter and stuffing the whole thing into the trunk. We then depostited Hyde into a cardboard carrying box, packed all of our bags and climbed in the car. All was well until Cassidy started shrieking. We turned around to find Hyde clawing his way out of the box. Fortunately, we were leaving late enough so that we could hit Petco on the way out of town to purchase a portable cat carrier.

When we got to Provo, Matt’s mother was out and about on one of her errands. His father ushered us in and told us that he hadn’t been able to bring himself to inform her of Hyde’s visit. He sent us downstairs to unpack and settle in and to get the ferret out of sight as soon as possible. His hope was that she might not ever go downstairs and would possibly remain oblivious of Hyde’s existence. No such luck. On her first visit to our room she didn’t notice him. But during her second inspection she ran into the four foot long cage, jumped several feet in the air and let out a squeal. My lame explanation of his presence left her somewhat stammering and she quickly scuttled out of the room. I just don’t think she was able to wrap herself around it anymore than I was. But I do have to give her some credit, tonight when she came down to ask us some questions about tomorrow’s departure she walked in during Hyde’s romp. Although I was across the room I could see her shutter at the weaselish beast as he frollicked upon her couch and coffee table. But she gathered herself up, ignored him and went on with her quest. She didn’t ask to hold him but neither did she spit at him. I think that’s progress.


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Do ferrets really smell musky?

Comment by L.

What a great site! I just followed a link from Half Changed World, and will come back to read more. Glad you had a good trip to the in-laws.

Comment by Jennifer

Oh, I did not know Hyde was with you.

I am rolling on the floor. My poor mother. Well, she has dealt with ferrets before– remember when we had your two ferrets and my cats at Christmas, and your ferrets jumped into the oven, and my fat cat climbed the tree?

Comment by jen

Hello! I live out here too. Where was the drop in?

I like ferrets.

Comment by Kim

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