Genetics at Play
April 20, 2006, 11:58 pm
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I don’t have cancer. I don’t have MS. I am not terribly anemic. I know all of this because I spent the afternoon at the doctor’s office while the lab drew my blood and my doctor asked me a gazillion questions. I have been so exhausted that I have been unable to work, tend to the children or even bathe much for the past few weeks. I can’t focus on even the smallest thoughts and the kids have not had clean socks for at least ten days. I began to suspect that I might be dying of some terrible ailment, and if my death was not immanent I would likely spend the rest of my days watching my life slowly slipping away from me. 

But none of that is the case. It turns out that I am just nuts. No news there. The Prozac is actually causing my fatigue, not cancer. So now I will start on Effexor. If I had the energy I might curse my screwy brain chemistry, but I don’t. So in the morning I will take my new capsule and start on a new path. Will it work? I sure the hell hope so. 


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I knew this because I called your mom to find out what the doctor said because I was so worried about you.

I wish I could wrap you in my arms and make it all go away.

I hope the Effexor works quickly!

Comment by jen

And yet you found the energy to BLOG, which is very admirable!

Comment by L.

Did you just recently start taking the prozac or up the dose, because for that to come on suddenly and no dose change to happen, doesnt seem like a correlation. Did them test you for various virus’ that can cause horrible fatigue too? I hope you are feeling better.

Comment by greensunflower

I hope you are feeling better as well. I don’t know all the blogsites you frequent but it does concern me when you don’t post on this one. I’m willing to babysit if you could get the three chilluns over to me. Take care.

Comment by Kim

Kim, Caloden is in Utah visiting my folks right now. 🙂

Comment by jen

Hope you’re on your way to feeling better. I’m sending happyhealthysunshiny vibes your way.

Comment by Domestic Chicky

Thank you. I am feeling a bit better. To answer Sunflower’s question, I have been on Prozac since November. No huge increases in dosage. I had full blood tests run with no abnormalities. And thank you Domestic Chicky for your happy thoughts, it means alot. 🙂

And thank you for all the comments, it’s so nice to hear from people. :0)

Comment by caloden

I’ve wondered about switching from Zoloft to Effexor for the same reason. But my doc is hesitant to change meds.

I’ll scrounge up some happy thoughts to send your way! Please send some mine as well. 😉

Comment by Andie D.

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