Trolls and Tards
April 13, 2006, 4:15 am
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I just read’s post about internet haters and how she deals with them. I have to admit that my brief run in with them has given me food for thought this past week. I will sometimes find myself looking at my children and wondering, “Maybe there was a mix up at the hospital? Or perhaps I have been taking Ambien all these years causing me to sleep walk to the various neighborhood beds? And am I binge eating while I do this as well? Because that would conveniently explain the brunette, the red head, the blonde and the extra 20 pounds.

I had a fabulous picture of the Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla gang but I am far too much of a techno tard to be able to get it here. Just can’t make this Mac work.


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I just read Dooce — I gotta say, I am actually jealous of her hate mail. Even her hate mail is funny.

I like your sleepwalk theory. It would explain a lot in my life, too. Like, I went to bed in America, and woke up in a foreign land….

Comment by L.

Sleepwalking would explain a lot about Tommy…

Comment by jen

this just might not be the place for this, but did you know that a Taco Bell Salad has 860 calories and 46 grams of fat???

Do you know how many times Ive said “OK, well if you want to go to Taco Bell then I will just get a taco salad…” I cold have had like 7 Chalupas and three burito supremes!

OK, Im a little gun shy about the whole sleep walking thing…

Comment by Racketside

also, your title reminds me, just a bit, of our run in with the Spam Princess.

Comment by Racketside

I miss Spammy. I recently went to her site,, and she has gone straight. she is now designing jewelry. I must admit that I somewhat preferred her when she was trashy, with a big T.

Comment by caloden

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