Holy Week
April 12, 2006, 2:26 am
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Friday we are hosting an overnight birthday party for Cassidy. It isn’t really yet her birthday, it is the following weekend, but this weekend worked better for schedules. It will be an overnight with about nine girls, the Mother of ALL Easter Egg Hunts, a hot tub, screaming and I am sure much drama. Cass is already quivering and counting every minute until Friday afternoon at three. Funny, I bet Christ was doing the same thing those many years ago, but just for different reasons. Speaking of which, when I called my mother and informed of our Friday plans, I heard a sharp gasp followed by a long, weighted pause.

“But honey, that’s Good Friday.” She said with a tinge of horror in her voice.

“Well, yes it is. But it was all about scheduling, you see. Plus with the whole Easter Egg theme it was just too great of an opportunity to miss. What sort of theme can you have the week after Easter? Too early for Fourth of July and too late for St. Patty’s Day, ” I replied.

I’m not sure, but I suspect she was glad to be miles away on her vacation so as to avoid the bolt of lightening that would surely smite me from the face of the earth.


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Oh, you are totally going to hell.

In an Easter basket.

Comment by jen

Hey Mama- I see you moved! Do I owe you a housewarming gift now? We gotta talk about the hairchicky stuff…I think it’s the curlyhair connection. Lovin all your kiddos – can’t wait til mine are a little older, but at the same time wish I could make time stand still…

Comment by Deanna

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