Wild On
April 8, 2006, 2:56 am
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My father and I are not very close. It's not an animosity thing and I love him deeply. He just worked a ton when I was kid, he had his own law firm and that required most of his time and energy. He gave us a cushy life, took us lots of neat places and provided us with a great education. He is currently eyeing retirement and I think as a result he is starting to loosen up around me. He enjoys his Merlot as much as I do and we will often have a glass or two and chat while my kids run amuck around his house. Mine are his only grandchildren since my brother, God willing, will likely not breed. So the wine offering comes my way on a weekly basis, and who am I to turn down that sort of thing. Tonight we were sitting, though not sipping since it is Friday and Lent to boot, and he shared a few legal tidbits about his week. It was a bit of a bitch in his courtroom this week, my parents are going on a trip tomorrow and I think he needed to gossip in his own uptight way. He and my mom shared a few stories about people I don't know and then he got down to the business of the humorous judicial hooha. Tonight the topic was names. Yes. He had a fellow named Eddie Born-with-a-tooth.

"Native-American?", I asked.

"Yes, and then there was another." He paused here, as if gauging whether or not this was proper chat to share with the daughter who he still thinks of as 10 years-old.

"Laura Big-Beaver." He said with a completely straight face.
I almost peed my pants at that one. "Seriously?" I doubled over laughing.
"Yes, no matter where you grow up, that one's gotta smart. " he replied.


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