April 6, 2006, 8:06 am
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I am all out of whack right now. On a usual day I am lucky to get half way into the whack suit, but with last week being Spring Break and now all three kids home sick this week, I am becoming seriously deranged. When I used to have a Real Job out in the Real World my mother had to deal with this sort of thing because I could only take so much time off from work. But now that I am a The Professional Laundress of Socks I must tend the sick little vermin. As a result I am all out of synch. 

 In the mornings Devon is up promptly at 6 as he pokes his head over the crib and starts by asking me politely with a "Mai-Mai?" If after a few requests I do not stir he begins to yell it at ever increasing decibles until I haul my ass up, scoop him out from his nest and trudge downstairs. Yogurt for him and coffee for me. Then Matt is off to work and I wait for the big two to descend the stairs. Once they are up I have to distribute inhalers, cough syrup, antibiotics and breakfast. This conitnues for the duration of the morning until Devon is readys with his nap. Now for the most part this is a given routine, minus the drugs, on most days. But since I have been giving Devon the sleepy cough medicine at naps, he will slumber for more than three hours straight. Now with this time I could scrub my gnarly kitchen floor, locate all stray socks, catch up on all my posts. But do I? Hell no. I have been napping. I have been crawling into Loren's bed, reading a bit of a book and then sleeping for more than an hour and a half each day this week. I justify this by rationalizing that I need my strength to deal with Cassidy in her sick mode, but really I am just lazy. So now, after several days of glorious naps it is now 2 a.m. and I am wide awake. At 6 a.m. I am going to be hurting and then when Cassidy and Loren wak up I will be hurting some more. And by the end of tomorrow not only will I be whacked but I will likely be whomped as well.


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