Just Another Tuesday
April 5, 2006, 5:03 am
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Since early January we have visited our family doctor on almost a weekly basis. Other than the pharmicist, he is my most frequent social contact. If that doesn't get me a pity brownie, I don't know what will. Today I stopped in for our weekly visit with Loren, Cassidy and Devon in tow. Usually it is just Devon, but since the other two have been languishing around the housefor the past few days and coughing out their guts, I thought they might enjoy the social interlude. All was fairly well. No temperatures. Loren was diagnosed with RSV. Then Cass got up on the exam table, got the RSV trip and then as he listened to her lungs, the doctor paused and had a slight frown and muttered, "Hmmm."

Now since Devon's diagnosis, nothing sends a chill through my soul faster than a doctor's frown and that queit, pondering Hmmmm. He stood up and announced that her lungs sounded like somebody fastening and unfastening velcro. Pneumonia. Then Devon got the once over and was diagnosed with RSV -with a side order of an ear infection. No wonder he was screaming after his morning bath today. A trip to the radiologist confirmed Cass' pneumonia.

Once home I dispensed with antibiotics of varying strengths for Devon and Cassidy, codeine cough medicine for all three, Tylenol for all three and an inhaler for Cass. I took Devon upstairs, read him his stories, sang him his song and tucked him ito his crib. As I shut the door he said, "Bye-Bye!."

Other than one load of laundry, washed twice due to technical difficulties, I have accomplished not a thing today. No posts. No exercise. No major Spring Cleaning. I am so weary from snot, barf, coughing and nasty diapers. The one bright spot is that there is a new Hugh Grant movie coming out in a few weeks. It has been ages since he has had a movie, I really don't think Bridget Jones II can be counted as a creditable item in the HG repertoire. So really, when all is said and done, the horizon looks good.


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Jesus God. What next?

Comment by inkstains

This isnt necessarily related, but I have managed to stay 100% healthy since my move to parts Nether and I spend all day most days with nasty ass twenty year olds. I spent ten minutes with a two year old last week and WHAM. Sick. As a fricken dog. Governments could recruit legions of toddlers and take over the world. I am telling you.

Comment by Racketside

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