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April 4, 2006, 5:39 pm
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My children have been sick off and on since the beginning of the New Year. I am so sick of sick that I could almost barf, how ironic. Since I have the range of offspring, I get the distinct pleasure of observing how illness affects the various age groups, a sort scientific project.

  Loren.JPGBeing sick brings out the hugginess in Loren. His basic nature lends itself well to affection, but being under the weather seems to give him the inclination to randomly throw his arms around me, hold me as tight as he can and cough in my face.

Cass with cone.JPGLady Malady inspires the diva to emerge in Cassidy. Her needs are always substantial, but the drama of weakness and coughing give her reason to make constant demands from the couch. I can't really blame her, that's how I approach the whole thing when I am ill.

Devon smiles (Custom).JPGAnd as with toddlers, Devon doesn't quite grasp the whole thing. Before his Tylenol kicks in he cries at every little thing. But once medicated he is ready to go and is happy for about 40 minutes until a coughing fit grips his little lungs and starts him crying again.

We're going to go see the doctor again today. A round of appointments for the whole herd. At this point I might just ask him for the cough medicine that knocks them out cold. If they could all just sleep at the same time for about 6 hours,  I could hack the boa hugs, the finger snapping from the couch and the random crying fits. If not, I might just go on strike. I might go pitch a tent in the park and wait for Social Services to come collect them all.



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Sam and I are reading this together. Too cute pictures of the kids!

Hey, can you please talk me out of whacking my hair off? Please?

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