Please, Sir, may I have another?
April 4, 2006, 4:21 am
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I got smacked around in the cyber world today. Not the whallop of a beating that MIM took last week, but nor was it the sort of spank that makes you want to bend over and coyly ask for more. All day long my mail box has been littered with every sort of comment ranging from "hhhhm, that's interesting." to " you obviously don't know shit." There was also a dig at my daughter and her appearance that hit just a little too close to home for me to even be nice. So am I smarting from it all? Well, I was. But then I went to buy a bottle of wine, got a little kooky and opted for some raspberry Smironoff instead. Nothing hurts now. No sir.


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What promise a bottle of wine offers!

Comment by bugsbutt

That comment by that guy was so evil. I wanted to jump in and be nasty back but I figure he just wants attention. I hope you have let go of that.

My little ones have been sick too, toddler ended up with bronchitis. Nothing compared to RSV or the rotavirus we had with my first some years ago. Rotavirus is simply baby-armageddon.

Hope your kids mend soon!

Nika (chicken lady *winks*)

Comment by nika

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