Booty time
April 1, 2006, 4:52 am
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Tonight I am housesitting for my parents. They have traveled over the mountains to Denver for both business and pleasure. They were kind enough to take Cassidy with them and in an effort to pay it forward, I am hosting three of Loren’s friends for the night. A filling dinner, ice cream, a pay-per-view movie and the X Box are enough to keep the young teen crowd content for a few hours. My parents have a tall, open house and so most every comment can be heard from one of the upper lofts where I have been pretending to work all evening. At one point I heard Cooper, one of the odd duck friends say in response to a commercial, “Why do girls wear those pants that have words on the butts?”

Josh, the other odd one, threw in, “Yeah, I don’t get it. Why do we care if their butt says Hot Stuff or Angel. It’s only their butt. Ick.”

Butt, Kidd and Loren are boys on a somewhat differnet track. I heard Kidd reply, “Man, I think it’s cool.”

To which Loren said, “Oh yeah, I like it. It looks really good.”

Am I wishing this house were not so un-private? Have I not pointed out to Loren time and again the work involved in rearing a toddler? Is their Norplant for boys? Or maybe they are just appreciating the female figure for its artistic value….


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Maybe it`s only that they`re responding to society`s conditioning, that it looks cool because it`s supposed to be cool?

You can hope that`s it….

Comment by L.

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