March 30, 2006, 2:13 pm
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This is the time of year in Colorado when I fear that the warmth will never return for a nice, long stay. In a single day it might snow, rain, blow and the sun might come out for a few minutes in between each of these weather shows. I have enough instabilities in the ever changing weather of my own head, I really don't need them pouring from the skies. And the sad thing is that until mid-June there will be so consistancy in our skies. Now is this really a drama worth posting? No, likely not. But since it continues to snow, this means the ski areas will remain open until Easter weekend. That is over two weeks away. And this means that I must continue to cart Devon 40 miles, hop on a shuttle bus and entertain wee ones in the nursery all day. It is at this point that I am somewhat regretting my declaration that I would in now way teach out on the mountain this year.


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That just sucks. I am feeling it particularly as I have a sinus headhache for the second day.

Comment by inkstains

it’s eighty here today. Everything is green green green and all the flowers are a-blooming. Lets hope that pesky tornado warning on tap for tonight is a bunch of hot air. I suspect a tornado would do short business with the blooming flowers.

You know, whatever.

Comment by Racketside

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