Fairy Tales
March 28, 2006, 4:08 am
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I have to agree with The Grinch when he is moaning and groaning about the
Who’s down in Whoville and their antics on Christmas morning. “Oh the
noise. Oh the noise. Oh the noise, noise, noise, noise!”, he wails.
This is a refrain that loops through my head time and again on a daily
basis. It seems that no amount of Prozac in my system can drown out the
constant chaos that complies my surroundings.

Knowing my inability to deal with this factor of my life, rather unfortunate
since I have three kids, a cat, a yappy dog, a ferret, a large mate and
just 1,000 square feet of living space, I had planned carefully to
limit the audio factor during the Spring Break week. Loren went away to
Denver for a long four day weekend. Cassidy had a sleep over and was to
attend a play tonight with my mother. Matt is out doing some sort thin(g sounds terribly stimulating). Devon was to go
peacefully to bed. This was all so that I could sit quietly at the
keyboard and peck away about the many interesting aspects of cancer and
heart disease. But just like the Grinch’s wee friends, my little Who’s
have prevailed. Cassidy has come down with a nasty cough and was not
able to attend the play. And once she is in the house she is my
constant shadow of velcro. This enables me to listen to That’s 70’s
Show while I try to find cancer links for posting. Devon took almost 45
minutes to sing himself to sleep. And it appears that Loren will be
returning from his trip tonight so that he can make his dental
appointment tomorrow.

I have tried everything possible to
stretch the time so that I can get Cassidy into bed and have a nice
time span before Loren arrives home, ready to chat about all the skate
parks he visited on his trip. I took a long shower and shaved the
forest that had grown on my legs (the presence of which is maybe why
Matt is so willing to spend time researching flyfishing….), I deep
conditioned my hair and then spent an hour straightening and drying

But still I can hear it. The noise. Those incomplete
posts. The unwashed dishes. The unfolded laundry. The grime in between
the shower tiles. The out of date meat in the refridgerator. The yet to
be paid gas bill in the mailbox.

It really isn’t all the fault of the children. If I didn’t have all their literal noise screaming in
my face all day, I would likely fabricate the voices of the dishes and
the bills. It wasn’t until the Grinch embraced his foes that he was
able to find peace. I am so looking forward to the day when I evolve
enough to reach this level, when I can carve the roast beast and not
worry about needing to wash the carving knife and serving plate on
which it drips its grease.


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Wow, what a fabulous ending! Way to tie it all together!


Can you please take a picture of your hair for flickr?

God. What a lame comment. Sorry about that.

Comment by inkstains

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