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March 19, 2006, 3:15 am
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Yesterday we, Cassidy, my mother -AKA Mia (or on my/her more malicious days, The Miatch), Devon and I, marched in the local St. Patrick’s Day parade. Our town/almost city is an odd mixture of reformed hippies, hippies hanging on to The Freedom Dream, ranchers, Dot Com Yuppies and ranchers who have sold out big to the Dot Com Yuppies. The St. Patty’s Day parade once consisted of one or two cars and a renegade King and Queen couple who would dress up in green wierdness and race up and down Main Street at some point in the afternoon. Up until several years ago our town had an open container policy, so I suspect the paraders had imbibed liberally before their annual tyrade. The parade is still pretty off beat. The solar energy crowd turns out with their alternatively powered vehicles. The King and Queen are still self appointed. And it basically consists of kids, parents and dogs dressed in green garb marching from one end of town to the only Irish Pub on the other side of town. Cassidy, with her flaming red hair, is always a big hit. Yesterday when we showed up, the king and queen took a fancy to her and she was appointed as their candy girl. After the parade we headed to the local church where we enjoyed a feast of corned beef and cabbage. Well no, not really. That’s a disgusting meal and it is not at all why many people love this holiday. There was green jello and amazing desserts, so it was not all a lost cause. On the way home I asked my mom to stop so that I could buy some beer to dye green, since I have never in my life gone out for a green beer on St. Patty’s Day.

Once home I tucked Devon, who was on the MOST AMAZING chocolate high ever, into his crib. Matt eyed my lone Corona and shook his head at my sorry attempt to participate in the holiday. We put the big kids in charge for a few minutes and marched off to the beer store in search of better things. I should insert here that Matt knows a thing or two about brews. He can discern which bottles are purely for pussies, such as my personal favorite (and the one I had purchased last night -Corona) and which are the True Ones. Since we live in the middle of our wee metropolis, the beer store is just two blocks from our front door. Matt chose something worthy and I found something called Irish Mist in an airplane bottle size. We went home, I dyed my Corona, had a glass and then poured the Mist. Mmmmm, yummy. And that was that. Good St. Patty’s Day.

Today was a blur of kids and noise. We had an average of five kids here at all times, with that number sometimes expanding to eight or nine. That’s alot of bodies for 1,000 square feet. By tonight I was a jumble of exposed nerve endings. Remembering the peace of last night’s Mist, I made some lame excuse to go out to the store and went in search of greener pastures. I located a bottle at the beer store and returned home. By this time Loren and all his friends had gone off to an overnight birthday party, Cassidy’s friend had gone home and I had tucked Devon into his crib. I sipped my Mist and after a few minutes all was good. I said to Matt. “Wow, sure does pack a serious punch. Dontcha think?”

Cass, seeing an opportunity, said, “Hey, Mom, want some more of that? And when you’re done can I have a puppy, preferabally a large one?”

I would try to insert some of the many pictures I took of the parade, Devon with chocolate all over his face and all the kids from today, but Loren is gone tonight and I haven’t the foggiest idea of how to extract them from my camera. So instead, I think I’ll go look for some more of that Mist….


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Mmmm, tell me more about this Mist business… I had my first green beer this past St. Patrick’s Day (Oh, I loved the link to Lisa’s blog by the way, that was classic!): it was a mixture of beer, grapefruit juice, and vodka, dyed green, and it tasted a lot like Sierra Mist.

Hey, we are planning to come out (all five of us) for two weeks in June. Hope we can all get together!

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