February 28, 2006, 4:59 am
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My winter gig of working on the ski mountain is a pretty good deal. The entire family gets free season passes. Devon gets to come with me and be in the nursery -free of charge. The kids get great lessons, which keep them busy ALL day and we all go home exhausted. And there is even a very small pay check waiting for me every couple of weeks. However, as I discovered with my last forray into employment, working just doesn’t leave enough time for the really important things. I rarely can make it to my blog everyday, which jams up my inner dialogue and causes me to have nearly constant, ongoing posts in my head. The children are again in sockless hell, a bit of an issue in the winter months of Colorado. I have not done a creative thing in months because I am just too whipped to lift a finger any higher than the height of the remote control. And it is not as though I am without the desire to be productive. I still am making my New Year’s list of resolutions. Although valentine’s Day was not my best effort this year, Easter and Cassidy’s brithday are on the horizon and they both bring out the Martha from Hell within me.

Luckily the snow will soon start to melt, ski season will come to an end and my small world will again become small.2006_0226workpics0035.JPG


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I totally understand about the creativity thing. It’s like a dam is going to burst soon.

Devon has Loren’s mannerisms in his pictures. That is a Loren pose if I ever saw one.

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