February 19, 2006, 3:42 am
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My Disgust-O-Meter has been completely maxed out this weekend. Yesterday began with Cassidy stepping out of the bathroom, proclaiming that she had just ,”peed out of her butt.” Recalling that Devon had spent the better part of the past two days filling as many diapers as possible, I made a mental note to not make her a lunch and to call her teacher about the absence. What started as an iffy day quickly turned to outright horror. It seemed that everytime I was cleaning Devon’s ever reddening arse, Cassidy was planting either her top end or back end on the pot and spewing bodily fuids everywhere but into the toilet. Good thing for baby wipes otherwise I would have simply walked. Mucous and barf. Can’t do either one of them. Bowels movements in any form deposited neatly in a diaper, that I can handle. Liquid chocolate dripping down the side of the comode, no can do. Cass does not suffer silently. The maternal side of me truly felt for the girl. Nothing would stay down, not soup, sherbert, ginger ale, water. But the part of me that is eternally fed up with drama, that side wanted to run screaming from the house. I must have looked at the clock every ten minutes for the entire duration of the day -just hoping for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Depsite the invasion of stomach hell, yesterday was also meant to be a milestone of sorts in our wee home: it was to be Devon’s cinematical debut. We had decided to see Curious George after school. We invited Loren’s best friend and his mother, who is also Devon’s Godmother. As the time drew near I told Cass to buck up, not swallow a thing and put mind over freaking matter. Not every child would be able to do this, but Cass is no mere child. She is a trooper made of far better stuff than the average person. I had given her an out, an option to call off the movie for another day, but she would have nothing of it. So suck it up she did and off to the movie we went. Devon was IMPRESSED.2006_0217theatremovie0002.JPG We walked in to the movie just as it started and he leaned back, dropped his softie and yelled at the top of his lungs. Then he ran down the aisle, yelping and growling. He did this for the entirety of the movie, except when he removed his snowboots and went aisle to aisle offering them to the various movie guests. Overall I have to claim it as a success. Cassidy didn’t barf, Devon didn’t scream in fear, the movie was cute and the soundtrack, by none other than my favorite-Jack Johnson- was fabulous. Quite a turn around from the beginning of the day. Of course this morning started out with a bang when Cassidy went to the bathroom for a glass of water and promptly puked all over the place, but I got out the wipes, plopped her in the tub and went in search of coffee.


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Mmm. Nothing like the runs to start your morning on a positive note!

I can’t believe what a TROOPER Cassidy is! I wouldn’t have chanced it – I’m a sissy I guess. Glad it worked out for you.

Comment by Andie D.

Wow, that kid does have an iron will. I am sorry she was still puking yesterday. I hope you don’t get this. I wish I could have seen Devon at the movies! Sounds adorable! How are you doing today?

Comment by jen

I never wanted to become a doctor or nurse, because other people`s bodily functions grossed me out.

Then I had kids. The joke`s on me.

Hope everyone there is better!

Comment by L.

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