New Beginnings
February 16, 2006, 4:13 am
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Tonight I went to my first ever Weight Wather’s meeting. I know most people do this during the first week of January, but I believe this to be a seriously bad move on their part. To jump right into that sort of thing right off the bat is silly. You can’t possibly know if anything as serious as a WW commitment is the best move for the new year. You definitely need at least four weeks to think it through. That brings you to the end of January, at which point Valentine’s Day is practically staring straight in your face. I don’t like to commit in the beginning of February because who knows what the cupid might bring. February 14 could arrive with dozens of chocolates, a fancy, gourmet dinner, a weekend at a taster’s benefit. No, this has never actually happened to me, but it just might. So to be saddled to a weight losing regime would be pure folly. I say the best time to truly begin the New Year is February 15. That is a clean slate.

So tonight as I was attempting to get out of the house, Cassidy was trying to weasel her way into coming with me.

“Please Mommy.” she begged.

“No, honey. This is for big girls.”

“Oh, I’m big. I’ll be a big girl, just like a nine year old.”

“No, baby. I mean Big Girls”, I said as I pointed to my mid section.

She looked at me for a moment, cocked her head to one side and shot back, “You’re going to a meeting for fat girls?”

“Yes, babe. Fat Girls.  And a skinny little thing like you? All us fatties might just eat you up if you came to the meeting.”


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oh dear.

Comment by Kelly

that is funny, amazing how kids are able to break things down and make it simple. I think we should elect her to office.

Comment by poopface03

LOL, the day you are fat, I’ll eat my hat.

Comment by jen

Girlfriend, not one extra pound shows up on your blog. You are perfect.

Comment by Kim

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