Magic Moments
February 10, 2006, 7:28 pm
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Sometimes really amazing things happen. Usually those things stumble into our lives with complete surpirse, making them all the more precious. Yesterday morning I got a call from one of the Other Mothers in Cassidy’s class. She was inviting Cass to her daughter’s birthday for today, 2/10. Not usually a huge deal. Except that the mother informed me they were going to Sea World. In San Diego. For the day. Then on Saturday a sleepover slumber party at their house followed by sledding on Sunday. Now Cass had been mentioning to me for most of the week that she had been invitied to some sort of extravagant party, but since I hadn’t heard from the mother, I figured it was just wishful thinking on Cass’ part. No. Not true. The mother siad they would be flying to Sea World for the day, departing in the morning from Aspen and landing in San Diego. There the birthday crew would spend the day in Sea World as VIP’s where they would swim with the dolphins and pet Shamoo. After a day of being Paris Hilton they return home on the private jet. So, trying to remain calm and cool, I said to her, “Gosh, how nice. Thank you so much for including Cassidy. I’m sure she would love to go. By the way, what is your last name? When will you leave? Who flies the plane? Can I help with anything?” My inner dialogue was screaming, “Holy Fuck! What the fucking hell? Is this woman for fucking real? A private jet? The pilot a former employee of Clinton? Who the hell are these people?”

So last night I took Cassidy to Target for a new swimsuit, because she had to look good for the dolphins and she claimed her old one would just not do. She tried on every suit in the place and finally settled on a one peice number with a matching skirt. It’s hot pink and I think the dolphins will set it off nicely for her. This morning she got up before 6, something she only does on Christmas and her birthday, we packed her back pack and drove to meet the rest of the girls. When we arrived at the airport, we were escorted into the private plane section and through the private gates where we were again escorted onto the tarmac and up next to the plane. We tried to be super careful not to drive into one of the wings and ruin the whole thing. We went onto the plane, which is a million times nicer than my home, where we met a lovely staff, ogled the plasma tv’s, stifled the urge to abscond with some of the tasty party favors and pretended to be a part of the other 5% for a brief few minutes. My mom, Loren, Devon and I waited until the plane took off and then returned to our realities.

It tickles me beyond reason that Cassidy gets to be a movie star for the day. To see her surrounded by the other girls as they laughed and screamed with excitement at the thought of being on a jet was absolutlety priceless. The kids all attend a public charter school, none of them live like the birthday girl and a number of them had never been on a plane. It was like a Cinderella dream for them all. The mother of the birthday girl is a lovely, sweet woman who I actually like (a huge departure for me and my issues with The Other Mothers) and her happiness at the thought of spending the day with 11 screaming girls was palpable. She does have some help. Two Other Mothers went with her, the nanny (for her other two kids) her husband flew in from Florida to lend a hand and the airplane staff, but still that’s a huge undertaking. Yes, part of me is scared shitless at the thought of my daughter flying halfway across the country. She doesn’t have to go, it is not life and death, what if something happened…. But this will stay with her for the rest of her life. This is a Golden Moment for her. I told her to revel in it, to look around her, smell the smells and to just be. I can’t wait until I have her back tonight, hellion that she is. I can’t wait to hold her little jet setting self. I can’t wait to hear her adventures, see her smile, listen to her laugh. I can’t wait for her. In the meantime, my face is plastered with an idiotic smile as I imagine her thoughout this amazing day. Wahooo for Cassidy!


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Holy crap– even as I was reading this, I just couldn’t believe it. Can youi say, “Disposable income”??? Go Cass!!!

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