Tick Tock
February 5, 2006, 8:35 pm
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I never planned to have children. It’s not that I shunned the idea of reproduction, I just knew that never in a million years did I ever want to germinate another being within my belly only to push it out and have it trailing after me for years to come. Today as I walked through the infant nursery at work, I encountered three little peapod souls dressed in footed one piece get ups as they flopped from front to back and sweetly cooed and gooed. At first I had to stop and revel in their innocent cuteness, and then I felt this bizarre, grief sodden sob begin to form in my chest as I realized I would never again have one of those in my arms. So I did the only sane thing possible, I choked it down and tailed it out of there as fast as possible.

Ugh. Despite my carefully laid plans, I have already produced three of those wiggling vermin. After this last one I had surgery to ensure my life would be free of any future peapods. So what the hell was my deal today? I guess the biological clock ticks louder than reality.


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Comment by caloden

Oh! I’ve had the same feelings about a) not wanting kids, and b) feeling that weird sense of loss knowing that I’ll never have any more. My hub got a vasectomy after our 2nd was born, and I wanted my tubes tied too. My doc said that might be overkill. 😉

We have a cat who is entering his golden years. Once he’s ah, “gone”, we are planning on getting a puppy. My son wants a puppy NOW MOMMY! But I couldn’t deal with a puppy, a 4 yr old, a 7 month old, AND my husband.

A puppy has the same 24/7 needs as a newborn, so that urge should be fulfilled in a sense!

Comment by Andie D.

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