January 30, 2006, 8:29 pm
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A couple of days ago I took Loren, Cassidy and Devon to the Winter X Games. Every year I swear I will not go anywhere near the mayhem of the chaos, blaring music, very hip young people and crazy-ass huge crowds. But I finally ran out of the free deodarant samples I had gotten last year so I needed to go back and fill up the diaper bag with more. The thing about the X Games is that they are out in the elements of winter. It’s cold. There are copious amounts of snow. A soda and a sandwhich cost $13.00. The music is excrutiatingly loud. The skinny blondes at all the booths hannd out spongey taco shaped hats and orange cowbells that Cassidy must have, again and again. But Loren wanted to participate in a snowskate competition and in an attempt to be Super Mom, I complied and hauled all of us out there. I thought it would take an hour and a half. Nuh-uh. No. The competition started two hours late and lasted for over an hour. Four and a half hours in all. Of snow. Of Devon trying to crawl on to every passing and stationary snowmobile in sight. Of Cassidy needing more sponge hats and cow bells. Of Cassidy chit chatting with older, tattooed snowmobile racers -and them finding her soooooo cute. Of screaming announcers, exhaust fumes and me just wanting to discreetly stash my toddler, betrothe my daughter to a snowmobile dude and leave Loren impailed on a snowskate rail. But finally I saw the announcer of the competition take Loren’s mitted hand in his, mumble a bunch of stuff into his microphone about what a “cool little cat, this fine young dude is”, and hand over a prized T-shirt and helmet/pads set. I suddenly found myself giddy as all get up as I scooped up Devon, pulled Cass away from the crowds and headed toward home. As I approached Loren I could feel the glow of pride that radiated from his little pre-teen soul, he was so happy he could barely get out anything other than, “Mommy, thank you! Did you see my switch-side,ollie-grab on the side thing? Mommy, look! My Shirt! My Pads! My Helmet!!!” As he went on and on about the competition and all the various tricks, which I must confess all look and sound the same to me, he was bouncing with happiness. He even went so far as to hug Cassidy and tell her how grateful he was that she had waited for over four hours in the cold during his competition.

As we were leaving I looked up the hill to the enormous half pipe where the evening’s real competition was just beginning. Up there were the men snowboarders who will go on to represent the U.S. in the Winter Olympics. Up there were the big sponsors, the big money, the big crowds. But as we walked away to the bus, Loren already wearing his new T-shirt and Cassidy hanging on his every word, I knew that right where we were was Golden.


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Dammit, I read this in the coffeeshop. And crying in the coffeeshop just isn’t cool.

Comment by jen-o-rama

youre a good mom

Comment by Anonymous

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