In and Out
January 26, 2006, 8:11 pm
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A little over two years ago when I informed Matt that he had once again knocked me up, I didn’t quite grasp the whole baby thing. I mean I got it in some sense, after all at the time we already had two off spring we had been rearing about for nearly 11 and 7 years. But I didn’t comprehend the HUGENESS that a third child would be. I was thinking about that cute, wee bundle that would be mine after nine months of vomit riddled germination. I had blocked out the sleepless nights, the winter coughs, the many years of only sleeping two hours at a time, the silent sex to ensure another 1/2 hour of a sleeping child, and most of all I had blocked out THE TODDLER. Toddlers are adorable, they have fabulous clothing, they try to say the cutest things, they have chubby thighs and the sweetest, softest butts. But holy shit. The maintenance. He is EVERYWHERE. And I can’t get anything done. When he isn’t stripping off his diaper and peeing on the floor, he is climbing up on the table and emptying out the sugar bowl. He drops things into the ferret cage: cd’s, spoons, the random rubber band. He empties out the diaper bag and hides the contents in the kitchen cabinets. He feels the need to pull every towel off the towel rack and stream toilet paper throughout the living room. I love him to pieces and he has brought some much needed love to our household, but when I out him in his crib at 7 sharp and close the door, I breathe my first full breath of the day.


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Dang, he sure is cute, though!

Comment by jen-o-rama

I love the new header!

Comment by greensunflower

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