Prozac Testimonial
January 19, 2006, 7:51 pm
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Today was a good day. There have been so many days in the last year when that statement simply was not applicable, but today it holds true. There was nothing Super Spectacular about today: didn’t win the lottery, didn’t begin a diet, didn’t pay all my bills. Today I just existed and did my thing. But that is just it. I managed, and the key word here is managed. A couple of months ago the prospect of existing through the day was enough to bring tears to my eyes before I even got out of bed. The thought of getting the children up, dressed and the almost impossible chore of getting them to school on time would have simply been too much to bear before 8 in the morning.

Yes. I know. It’s the drugs. But golly, it works and so I am not gonna knock that. I can get up, nourish the offspring, nurture the toddler, help with homework, match up socks from the dryer and provide nurishing after school snacks. Not too shabby. Not Mother of the Year material, but not shabby either. Wahoo for me.


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Beh– why give credit to the drugs when all they did was restore your chemicals and allow you to be you again?

But hey, I can’t live without MY drugs! So, I am glad they work for you too!

And those last ten pounds? They will NEVER go away now. But I would rather have them and my sanity than lose them and my mind along with them.

Comment by jen-o-rama

I have 2 comments. One..I stumbled
on your blog, and was captivated
from almost your first posting. It
only got more fascinating as I got
further, and further in. I’m talk-
ing more about the way you write
than what you write, but it’s all
good. Your turn of a phrase, and wordsmithing, if that’s a word,
the cleverness and humor in your
picture provoking painting of your
everyday clusterf***, is riveting.
I read a lot, but i won’t waste my
time on dreg. you had me spellbound by your 3rd writing. I’m not a stalker, or anything like that. I think you should be,
and hopefully you already are,
thinking about getting something
published. You can’t be objective,
but I can. you truly have that certain something that makes a writer good. There’s an ass for every seat. You should take yours.
2nd..Don’t let the depression you
are in color every incident in your daily travails. You can’t
blame it for a normal reaction, be
it a little over the top or not. It will only perpetuate it. Been
there, done that. You’re more sim-
ilar, than different, to everybody
else. More often than not, it isn’t a life sentence. My name is
Griswald, and though I may not have a comment again, you can be
sure that I am reading your words,
and hoping you took a seat.

Comment by Anonymous

Griswald speaks the truth.

Comment by Anonymous

Oh my god, these anonymous people are creeping me out.

Comment by jen-o-rama


Wow, thank you so much for your input. I’m touched. It’s so good to know people actually read my words. I’ll continue to poke away the blues and eye that seat.

Take care.


Comment by Caloden

jen-o-rama, i’m pretty sure we are
all anonymous here. jen-o-rama
sounds like a ride, caloden sounds
like a horse farm, but Griswald is
actually my name. the fact that
there are 1000’s of Griswalds does
however make me too, anonymous. in
the comment section you are given
the choices signing in as a blog-
ger, having a web-site, or being
anonymous. I only fit one category
and i used it. I’m not trying to
start a firestorm here, but beside
the obvious therapeutic aspects of
writing a blog, i assume that a
readership, would be another goal.
That would require mostly nameless
faceless readers, who mostly read
this, without comment, but enjoy
it, anonymously. There are plenty
of readers, besides me, who have
appreciated her musings, without
comment. My anonymity ended yes-
terday, when i felt compelled to
let her know how much i enjoyed
reading her daily novellas, and
the way in which they were writ-
ten. Obviously someone, (not me),
agreed, so I’m not out here read-
ing this all alone. Maybe others
now will chime in, but if not, at
least two anonymi’, that you know
of, will be reading.

Comment by Anonymous

This post has been removed by the author.

Comment by Kelly

Fair enough. Caloden is my family, and I do feel protective of her, though.

Comment by jen-o-rama

Lordy, drama in the comment box. Griswald, thank you again for your comments. I love it that you are out there somewhere reading. Yes, Jenorama is a ride. She is a fabulous ride of energy, passion and caring. I love her to pieces. Caloden could be a horse farm, and maybe in some civilized corner of Tennessee it is. I made it up because it is the first two letters of each of my offspring. But I love the name Griswald. And had I been thinking on my feet the day that I created my blog I would have named it something just like that. I hope you continue to read. Take care.


Comment by Caloden

Agree with Griswald

Comment by Anonymous

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