Inner Truths
January 10, 2006, 6:50 am
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For the past five or six days I have been able to do little more than stumble down stairs and huddle on the couch. And some days I have stayed confined to my bed with a bottle of water, a box of kleenex and a book of vampire smut for company. From time to time I haul myself up to do a small project that has been needling me as I lounge in my sickbed. One day I took the two laundry baskets filled with odd socks and made pairs of all of them. The process took me the better part of an afternoon and at the end I even went so far as to throw out the remaining mismatched ones. In the past I have always saved the loner socks in a bag, holding out hope that the mates would someday return. But being a new year, I decided to take that brave new leap and toss the singles -a gut wrenching babybstep, for sure.

Encouraged by my sock success, yesterday I tackled the pantry and my tupperware collection. It’s not really Tupperware, I’m not the kind of mom who routinely gets invited to those sorts of parties. Containers make me giddy and I would LOVE to have a collection of jewel-toned plastic boxes and bowls. But I think the hostesses know that I am far too irresponsible to be trusted with anything so precious as Honest-to-God-Tupperware. So I get the cheapies at the grocery store, and eventhough they are disposable I cherish those plastic bad boys. So yesterday as I cleaned and organized I was shocked and saddened to realize that what I thought to be a fairly presentable collection, actually turned out to be mostly odd tops and bottoms -very few matches. So I did what any sane person does, I scoured the house from top to bottom for the missing troops. I had an empty sick feeling when I came up with squat. I couldn’t bring myself to toss the lonely tops and bottoms, afterall their mates might be out there somewhere. And in a final bit of desperation I bagged them up and looked for a place to store them. Finding none, I took them to my mother’s house to see if she might need them. She looked at me as if I were insane and silently pointed her finger towards the door. Ouch.

Last night as I reflected upon my daily achievements I had a flickering of doubt about my character. Am I incredibally cheap? Perhaps reincarnated from The Depression, thus my attachment to small, homeless tidbits? Or maybe I have too much materialism? Or a touch of OCD? I don’t know. But now that I have a free shelf in the pantry, I am going to fill it with happy box families of matching tops and bottms.


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I am the same way. Though, nothing can really compare with Sam, who decided yesterday to hold onto the peels from his tangerine, because it had been his Christmas tangerine…

That was so weird that I couldn’t even bring myself to blog about it…

Comment by jen-o-rama

The socks. The socks can make one insane. I don’t know how it happens. I don’t know when it happens. I mean, sometimes I get to the laundry only hours after the kids have put their socks in the hamper and yet still there are only singles. WHY does that happen?

Comment by the girl i used to be

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