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January 6, 2006, 6:52 pm
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I am locked. Drained. Void. The New Year struck with Cassidy awakening and vomiting all over the bed. She woke up the next morning and started again. Monday was spent recuperating. And Tuesday she was sent home at snack time after she vomited her snack in the girls’ bathroom. Wednesday at 5:30 a.m. I found myself snuggled around the toilet as I heaved and hurled for all I was worth. I spent that day sleeping at my mother’s while she watched Cassidy and Devon. On Wednesday afternoon Devon began coughing. Thursday morning Cass, Devon and I were able to get an actual appointment with our doctor. This was mostly due to Devon’s status as an infant cardiology patient, without his gimpy heart we would still be wasting away in waiting room hell. Cassidy passed a flu test, a completely nasty procedure in which she had to honk boogers into a dixie cup that I had the pleasure of holding for her. Had I anything in my stomach, I would have again barfed right then and there. I can handle many things, but mucous in any form is not on that list. The doctor diagnosed us all with General Muck, prescribed cough medicine and sent us on our way. So last night I medicated Devon and tucked him into bed at 7. He was up hoarsely crying at 8:30 and 10:30. When he awoke at 11:30 he had no voice left and was having difficulty breathing. I alerted Matt and we headed into the ER.

After nearly four hours, a breathing treatment, a steroid shot and lots of entertaining on Matt’s part we were sent home. Devon has the croup. When we got home he slept until about 6:30 and was up for the day. Except he wasn’t the Sweet Thing with whom I usually spend my days. He was Miserable, Crying, Fussy Baby. He was only happy so long as he was affixed to either my hip or boob. Tonight I drugged him at 5:45 and had him in his crib by 6.

If he will only sleep for most of the night I will forever be grateful. I will donate more to charity, hell I’ll even start my own charity. I’ll recycle more. I’ll try to go to Mass more often. I’ll plan healthier meals, play more games with Cassidy, listen more attentively to Loren’s skateboard stories…. Maybe not, but I’ll definitely be far less of a bitch in the morning.


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Hopefully your year can only get better. That is horrific. No matter how many times I hear about it. Ugh. Hope you got some sleep last night!–>

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