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December 30, 2005, 8:17 am
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Somedays I deeply dislike The I religiously read her blog, and in frustrated stalker fashion get irked when she doesn’t update on a daily basis. I love looking at all her pictures of her seemingly fabulous life. Look at her. She’s obviously fit and thin, which indicates an enviable strain of self-control in her character. Her house appears clean and void of dustbunnies in all the pictures. Leta’s car seat never appears to be encrusted with Cheerio guck. She makes an INCOME from her blog, which I still don’t quite understand but completely admire. And most of all, Jon seems to adore her -baggage and all.

I know her life isn’t all daisies and tulips. I’ve read of her emotional demons and chronic colonic issues. I have no feel for the latter, being a regular girl myself. But for the former, I can definitely feel some of that. And being a mother, under any circumstance, is difficult on any given day. Add in a handful of a daughter- a dilemma I FULLY understand- and each day is a challenge. But this woman gets to stay at home, with her daughter, her devoted spouse and make a living doing something she loves.

This is all adding up to a review of my life as the year comes to a close. I have to make some serious changes and envying somebody else’s seemingly perfect existence is a nice little diversion from that task. I have been compiling a mental list, but need to write it down -lest I stuff it deep into the couch cushions never to again be seen.

On a completely different note, Devon is quite taken with a Tellatubbies show this morning. They are creepy little guys. Are they aliens? Mammals? Until this he has yet to show much interest in TV. Maybe I’ll start that list with a daily session of TV for the little guy, it could lead to some free time for me…. Okay, maybe not, but a nice thought.


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Are you going to post your list? 🙂

Oh, I am highly in favor of TV in order to get some free time for yourself. Go for it!

Comment by jen-o-rama

I noticed the lack of dustbunnies at Dooce’s pad as well. Bitch.

Comment by MIM

Jen made me hunt her address down which turned out to be an invisible building in the middle of a swanky little strip mall on the east side of town.

But really, forget teletubbies and go for Blue’s Clues and Little Bear. So slow and positive with no violence. I am all for those TV diversions.

Comment by the girl i used to be

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