Up and at ‘Em
December 28, 2005, 3:20 pm
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I just can’t seem to get off my ever expanding ass this week. E! has 24 hour 101 Most… shows running 24/7, the kids don’t have school so they don’t need clean socks, we have turkey dinner for another few nights…. When Devon runs out of diapers, which will likely be tomorrow, I will face reality and participate in reality. Until then I am reveling in the last lazy days of 2005.


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That is only because you can’t blog about what you have been doing in which celebrities’ homes and which celebrity with flabby thighs you saw in her longjohn’s eating oatmeal…

Comment by jen-o-rama

So true. But then that might jeapordize my dear friend’s job. But being the gossip hound I am, it is soooooooo hard not to sing like a bird….

Comment by Caloden

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