Holly Jolly
December 14, 2005, 9:16 pm
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Indications that I might be cracking under the holiday stress:

1. Last night when I went to the store to buy baking supplies (marshmallows and Rice Crispies) I also bought paper plates.
2. We have taken to eating on those plates so I don’t have to wash real ones.
3. We can no longer eat at the dining room table because it is covered in Christmas decoration boxes.
4. The table remains covered in boxes because I can’t muster up the energy to actually put the decorations on a tree.
5. I have started turning Devon’s socks inside out in an effort to make laundry go further.
6. I have stopped monitoring the older kids’ feet and their sock status.
7. Although I painted a 2005 Christmas card (I used a portion of it for the new mast head above) the notion of buying stamps and mailing those cards seems more like a Valentine’s Day project.
8. Tonight, instead of dinner, I ate an entire plate of rice crispie wreaths -off a paper plate.
9. I have been wearing the same pair of J.Lo knock-off sweat pants for three days, and have no plans of a costume change for tomorrow.
10. Friday I am expected to travel to my mother-in-law’s house, who is no longer my mother-in-law, for a weekend of good, wholesome, dysfunctional family fun.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. And I mean that in a really good way.


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Oh, I loved this. I may have to do something like this. I am in such a bad mood, I want to pull my hair out and SCREAM.

Calgon? Take me away.

Comment by jen-o-rama

Belvedere is taking me away RIGHT NOW. Fucking holidays . . . kids are sick . . . only sent Christmas cards today . . . can’t get anything done . . . hmph.

Comment by MIM

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