December 12, 2005, 6:37 pm
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Every week day morning I first drop off Cassidy at her Montesorri school and then drive another 10 miles to drop Loren off at his Waldorf school. Cass used to attend Waldorf, but she is much more of a Montesorri child -so the short side trek has become our morning routine this year. Each morning I try to get some Quality Mom Time in with each of them so first I chat with Cass and then after the drop, Loren and I usually launch into a dialogue. It is almost always about him, since he is a pre-adolescent and EVERYTHING in the known universe is obviously about him. Today, being no different, we yakked about a new video game he and his dad rented over the weekend. Usually when the topics turn to skateboarding tricks or video games I mentally turn to auto pilot and just shake my head yes and insert the occasional, “Really? Cool. That sounds great.” This morning I managed to hear something about how envious his friends would be about the game, since for some unkown reason he gets to have the rental until Christmas, and how we would likely be having company. I nodded my head for an affirmative and inserted, “Really? Cool. That sounds great.” I made a mental note that over the holidays we would have a house full of boys and that I would need to stock up on frozen pizzas.

Well, the calls began rolling in at about 2:55. The Other Mothers were wondering why in the hell I had allowed a playdate on a Monday??? Playdate? No, none here. We visited the storage unit over the weekend and the bottom 500 square feet of our 1,000 square foot home is covered in boxes of Christmas decorations, winter coats and the odd mitten. So hosting a den of teen and pre-teen boys was not on my afternoon agenda. But sure enough, there they were. Parked on my couch. Requesting food. Fuckers. Loren gave me a huge hug, in front of his friends, and said how happy he was to have his friends over. I made a mental note to have the WTF chat later and maintain my current possition of The Cool Mom in front of his pre-teen thugs. By 6 they were picked up and I asked Loren if he could possibly wait one more week until Christmas break for the chaos of a couch full of smelly boys. I promised him good snacks and a cool mom. Then I poured myself a glass of wine and called it good.


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boy, that kid is slick!

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