Santa Baby
December 8, 2005, 11:36 am
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My children are starting to compile their Christmas lists. They usually keep it short, over the years we have instilled a List of Three concept into them. Three things seems fairly manageable, nothing too outrageous has yet to happen with three requests. Of course, they always end up getting many more than three things but the main three are always in the pile on Christmas day. Most years I am consumed with tracking down exactly what they want, and I am sure that once the Christmas Spirit kicks in -say about the 23rd, I will find some motivtion to shop. But this year I have been thinking about me. If we’re going to be honest, it is safe to say that once a baby -or three- comes along grown up presents are mostly a thing of the past. And I am fine with that. Some of the best moments in my life have been lying in the upstairs bed listening to Loren and Cassidy run down the stairs and shriek with delight upon discovering that Santa did indeed come during the night. As the Master Card commercial so eloquently puts it: those moments are priceless.

But what about me? Afterall, this is my blog, I can write whatever I damn well please and I think today it will be all about me. If I were to have a list it would have more than the Three Items. I have always been smitten with the 12 month gift idea: jelly of the month, exotic plant of the month, cheesecake of the month. But I think I have happened upon an even better 12 month concept. I want a year long cosmetic surgery/spa gift. Shallow? Oh, yes. Succumbing to societal pressure? You bet. But some of those ladies on Dr. 90210 are looking preety good. I don’t have any desire to look like Barbie or Golide Hawn. But to quote Melanie Griffith, I would just like a few things “to be put back in their right places.” So starting in January I would dive right in for a boob lift. I don’t want them any bigger, my Double D’s are already way too out of hand. But to have them be Lindsay Lohan perky and say a size C, that would be lovely. February might bring a bit of liposuction and a tummy tuck. Three kids and not much motivation has left my abdominal region less than stimulating. Perhaps in March a touch of Botox in my forehead -too much frowning has given it a weathered look. April and May could be chemical peel months. High altitude Colorado sunshine can be hell on lily white skin. In June I think an herbal body wrap might hit the spot. I’m not sure about the rest of the warm months, but I do know that once the cold hits I would like a hot rock massage. That leaves a few more months of choices. And although I would love to opt for a new nose, I don’t think I can go there. I have seen it on tv and it looks painful.

I look forward to listening to the pitter patter of Christmas morning feet this year. It will be even sweeter by the stomping of Devon as he trails after his older siblings. I might peek in my stocking to see if Santa got my wish list, but if he didn’t I will still love watching the children get their List of Three on Christmas morning.


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Well, I think pedicures, highlights, and manicures will round out the other months quite nicely, don’t you agree?

My kids were allowed to ask for three things, also. We pretty much do the same. But you already know that, because we have had Christmas together. đŸ™‚

My kids still use the boxes you made them. That is where all their money and all of their treasures are.

Comment by jen-o-rama

I like that: “A few things put back in the right places.” I hear that!

BTW, nice banner!

Comment by MIM

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