Wide Open Spaces
December 2, 2005, 10:10 pm
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Tonight my parents took the older two children out for my father’s annual office Christmas party. It is at a bowling alley where, at night, they turn out the lights, turn on the disco ball and call it Cosmic Bowling. I went with them a few years ago and, thankfully, I believe I have forever been relieved of ever having to go again. However, every year my parents offer to take the kids and I eagerly toss them their coats and shove them out the door as fast as I can. So tonight after I put Devon to sleep, I have had nearly three hours of silence. And how fabulous it has been. Just the knowledge that I could do most anything in the world, as long as it doesn’t involve being too loud or leaving the house, is as liberating as anything I have had in ages. I could walk around naked if I felt so inclined. I could take a bath by myself. I could read a book, paint my toe nails, pluck my eyebrows. The possibilities are fairly endless.


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Isn’t it awesome when you actually have a few hours to yourself. I feel so relaxed when I get to do exactly what I want to do sometimes.

Comment by Spideysgurl

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