November 22, 2005, 8:46 pm
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I have recently begun reading The Language of Letting Go, by Melodie Beattie. Everday has a short narration followed by a brief prayer reflecting the high points. It is meant to be started on January 1, but I was feeling a bit optimistic and decided to give it a go in mid-November. I am usually a gem with the daily reading, but am having a little more difficulty with the praying aspects. I lack in quite a few areas of personal development, faith being high on the to do list -so praying is not usually my gig. But I am truly trying to let go of a bunch of personal crap and so am giving both the readings and prayers a valiant effort. Today’s narration discussed gratitude and acceptance. It states that if I am hitting a brick wall to try gratitude and acceptance. And tonight I am indeed nestled up against those bricks, they are gritty, scratching my face and none too comfortable. So here goes my gratitude and acceptance for today:

  • Loren got to come with me to the fancy/famous home and spend the day swimming with his best friend. All day long their laughter could be heard from the patio.
  • Cassidy has spent the evening trying her hardest to finish her optional Thanksgiving Break homework. Many of the problems are way beyond her grade level, but she is working so hard, and so enthusiatically, to complete it.
  • Devon spent the day with my mother, Mia, and went the entire day with no fuss.
  • I got to spend the day with my friend while we decorated, chatted, enjoyed the views and worked at an extremely leisurely pace.
  • I am not necessarily where I want to be, but this is not a bad place and I am lucky to be surrounded by an abundance of beauty.

Some days I feel pretty good about the readings. Today’s is a bit puzzling. I recognize the good and the beauty but I still feel as if resistance is tugging at me, almost as if I have toilet paper trailing out of my panty hose and the other end is closed in the bathroom stall door. Maybe I will spend another day on this one.


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The bricks may be right in your face right now, but I think you’re going to start knocking them down very soon.

Comment by jen-o-rama

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