Better Than Christmas
November 22, 2005, 6:28 am
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The countdown to ski season has officially begun in our house. I grew up skiing most every weekend and my school had a weekday ski program. And while I still enjoy skiing and snowboarding, if I don’t make it out to the mountain until March (when it is warm) I am just fine. However, I am raising a bit of a fanatic in Loren and he is absolutely quivering at the thought of spending Thanksgiving Day on his snowboard. Yesterday he got out all his gear and was hopping about the living room, helmet, goggles, board and all. He saw this as completely normal until I pointed out that he was about to squish Devon with the metal edges of his board. Of course Devon was wildly amused by the whole spectacle and was dancing up and down as he giggled at his be-goggled idol.

As soon as Loren gets up he starts discussing exactly how he will spend Thursday and which runs he will board. After breakfast he models his new coat, once again explaining all the features and how they will benefit him on the slopes. By lunch I am so tired of listening I just want to haul him up the mountain and push him down the slopes just to shut him up. I am thrilled that he has a passion of this nature. He is actually a very good boarder and I love watching him on the mountain. And I know that sometime in the next few years I will not get the pleasure of hearing his exuberance in such a pure way. But dear God, that kid can talk. And talk and talk and talk…..


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I have one just like him. Let’s get them together soon :).

Comment by jen-o-rama

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