More Coffee Chat
November 15, 2005, 10:32 am
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“Yeah. So those pills don’t seem to be working very well.”

“What makes you say that?”, I replied with perhaps just a smidge of aggression in my voice.

“Well, you seem even worse now than before.”

“Well, they do take six weeks to fully take effect.”, was my outer dialogue.

However my inner dialogue, the ever more eloquent of the two, was more along the lines of this,”Well, I think what you’re looking for is the Stepford Wife Pill. That one does take effect within twenty-four hours. That pill would have rendered me jolly, eager to please and mute. But I told the doctor, hell no. Why the fuck would I want to do that?”

His outer response was, “Oh, okay then.”

But I think his inner dialogue went something like this, “Holy shit, five and half more weeks of bitch central. “


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Even though you two have been together for 14 years, I still find it hard to imagine him as a husband. My god, doesn’t he know better than to say things like that by now?

Comment by jen-o-rama

I love your inner dialouge! (came cia MIM)

Comment by heidi

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