November 13, 2005, 10:28 am
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Last night I had a dream about Matt and me and a horse. We were trying to get home, only it wasn’t the home where we now live, and we didn’t have a car. After some searching Matt somehow located a gigantic stallion, complete with saddle, to take us home. I didn’t quite understand this because it was winter and neither of us had warm clothing for the journey. So Matt hopped up on the huge horse and beckoned for me to join him. He gave me his hand and I somehow crawled up behind him, it was rather akward since it was a saddle for one. We took off in the snow storm, up and over a mountain pass, (that I recognized to be the pass that in reality connects Steamboat Springs to Boulder) few cars were venturing here in the cold night. Matt was entirely comfortable riding the beast, which I thought odd since I had never in our fourteen years together seen him express a passing interest in horses. I, however, was having a seriously difficult time on the ride. I am afraid of horses, I don’t care for being out in the winter elements -especially unprepared, and I couldn’t get a safe, firm hold on the horse. I kept slipping and bumping about as we climbed and climbed the mountain road. I tried yelling to Matt about my issues, but due to the blustery storm he couldn’t hear me. Finally we stopped at a restaurant for warmth and food where we somehow encountered Cassidy, who observed that the horse was exhausted and obviously needed water. She brought him a large jug and nuzzled with the animal while Matt went to have a drink with some friends at the restaurant bar. As I got warm, Cass and I talked and we decided that the while the saddle could not accomodate me, she could easily ride in front of her daddy. When Matt returned, the two of them hopped up on the horse and struck out on their outing. I waved good-bye and then that dream morphed into another dream.

Usually I am pretty handy with dream interpretation, but I’m not grasping this one. It’s not quite as bad as a scary cold water dream, but I don’t like it much. I have been dwelling on it most of the morning searching for some clarity.


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I have some thoughts– but I am too sleepy to put them into words right now.

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