Good Things
November 9, 2005, 7:30 pm
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Sometimes I think Oprah knows best. I thought of her this morning when my day started to look sunny, as opposed to the shit storm that has been constantly lurking on my horizon as of late. Oprah tends to get a bit namby-pamby from time to time, but she’s been on the air for ages and who can blame her for occasional sappiness. I don’t have a long attention span for televiosn but I do recall that a few years ago she had some sort of gratitude campaign. I believe it consisted of a running tally for each day’s snippets of happiness. So today I mentally compiled the good things and good feelings in hopes that I can carry them with me. Following are the ones I hold dearest:

  • I get to share my life with three healthy children who have a huge and endless zest for life. They are witty, funny, mostly sweet and they are mine.
  • I have a guardian angel who looks out for both the children’s and my dreams.
  • My doctor is fabulous and is willing to spend an hour out of his schedule to help me get Lady Anxiety under control. Yes, he is paid for this but he is very good at what he does and I am lucky to be his patient.
  • The autumn days are still warm enough to enable me to pop Devon in the jogger and go out for long afternoon walks.
  • Hope. I have hope that I will make it through this ever darkening part of the year. That the holidays will pass without too much drama/trauma. . And hopes that there are many more sunny days on the other horizon.

Today was mostly good. Gratitude is good. My children are good, more so now that they are on the way to bed. It’s all good for now.


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Today WAS a good day, wasn’t it? 🙂

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