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November 8, 2005, 10:43 am
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I have a dirty little secret, perhaps not so secret once I post an entry -but who really reads these anyway…. I have been nursing Devon. Yes, I spent a majority of August and September weaning him to one early morning nursing session per day. It was hard work ignoring his night cries until he finally gave up, grunted himself into a little ball and curled into the corner of his crib. It took several weeks of eliminating first the lunch session then the after dinner session, and finally the night sessions. Being the third child Devon is fairly accustomed to rolling with the punches, and for the most part he took the new regime like a trooper. But then about two weeks ago he got the sinus muck and awoke every other hour snuffling himself into howls of fury. The book we purchased on sleep training said I was supposed to leave him be unless he was sick, then I was to comfort him and return him to the crib. Well in our book comforting has always consisted of nursing. So in an effort to keep the night raucous to a minimum, the first night I nursed him once. The the next night it was twice. Then the early morning feeding moved up to a 4 a.m. feeding followed by a reassurance session at 6 a.m. Now Devon is freely nursing throughout the night and several times during the day.

This would not be such a big deal except that once I had weaned him I was quite vocal in my accomplishments. Once Devon turned one I started receiving comments like, “Oh, he still nurses. He’s one now, he doesn’t need to do that anymore.” Or, “If you’re not careful he’ll be in Kindergarten and you’ll have to go to his school during lunch so he can have his mommy milk.” Of course once he was nearly weaned I flat out fibbed to some people and claimed he was boob free and loving every minute of his sippy cup. That being the case I now feel as though we are limited in some of our activities. What if those people discover my lying ways? What would I need to fabricate then?

It’s definitely a predicament. But in the meantime Devon is happy as happy can be when he sees my Double D’s heading his way. Sometimes he even starts giggling because Fortune is smilling upon him.


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I think you should just tell people that you are a pathological liar, and that you were never actually pregnant with Devon to begin with, but cut him out of somebody’s womb.

Then the nursing won’t seem so bad.

Comment by jen-o-rama I am still nursing my two yr. old. I get a few funny comments, or looks every once in a while, but i am sticking with it. Enjoy the easy of Bubbios!

Comment by noodles

People are so judgmental.

Comment by MIM


I looked up that site and now I feel so much better. Thank you so much.


Comment by Caloden

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