True Love
October 29, 2005, 9:56 pm
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Today was not really a good day, it was a bad day. An awful day. It was a Bush getting re-elected for a third term day, a planetary misalignment day. So tonight, in an effort to soothe the pain, the older kids and I headed to Wal Mart in search of vampire teeth and fake nails for Cassidy’s Halloween costume. After that we trooped to the video store for some cheap entertainment. I sensed that there was no agreement amongst us and suggested we return tomorrow when we were fresh and could make a decent movie decision. Just then, Loren piped up from one of the aisles, “I got it Mom! I found just the right one.” He came out of the aisle with About a Boy, featuring none other than Hugh Grant. Cass ran over, smiled, and in agreement -not always an easy effort on her part- said,”Great! Let’s get that one.” Gotta love them. (I think they have had to sit through that movie at least 30 times.) On the way to car I overheard Loren tell Cassidy, “Now we can have a Hugh Grant Film Festival for Mom.”

Love’em to pieces and pieces.


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