Who Wears Short Shorts
October 27, 2005, 10:44 am
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I have noticed lately that Cassidy has taken to wearing long sleeved shirts. The mornings are cool, but the afternoons are still a comfy Indian summer, so I inquired as to the reason. She told me a little boy at her school said to her, “Geeze, your arms sure are hairy. Why are they like that?’ Ouch. I know this is an issue that has bothered Cass for several years. She can’t help it, really. Her father and I are rather fuzzy and we have produced three furry offspring. To add insult to injury this was a boy whom she used to fancy, they played baseball together over the summer and she thought him special. Well, no longer. He is on her list. And to be on Cassidy’s shit list is not a good place to be. She has a fabulous memory, she is creative in her cunning and she is merciless. This poor fool doesn’t know what he has unleashed. She will remember him until she is grown.

I completely understand Cassidy’s plight. Growing up I, too, suffered from the arm hair issue. I pleaded with my mother to help me rid my appendages of the eyesore, but she countered that if I did then the hair would grow back in odd patterns. So I learned to cope. Cassidy is far more relentless in her demands and so, on ocassion, I will help her Nair her lower leg regions. I do this because at the tender age of eight I used to steal my mother’s razor and shave my legs. As a result, my ankles have some vicious scars. I don’t want Cass to have lumpy ankles, so I figure the Nair is a decent solution. It still doesn’t solve the arm hair dilemna, but it is a start.

Cassidy will grow up to be a true stunner. Whether she chooses to go au natural or opt for a weekly wax, beauty and wit will be hers for the taking. Regardless, that silly boy will still be on her list.


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Melissa Summers wrote about this and her daughter on Blogging Baby.

Can you tell I’m working on all my BB stuff right now?

Comment by jen-o-rama

Good for her for having a list. Lots of girls would still want him to like them. Fortunately, Cassidy is much smarter and more self-assured than that. (Good job, Mom.)

(BTW, why are Jen and I the only ones commenting?? More people should be reading this. This is good stuff.)

Comment by MIM

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