New Leaves
October 22, 2005, 8:08 pm
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I am all in favor of envisioning a better life, not that mine is a bad one, but sometimes a little dreaming is therapeutic. Picturing myself doing the things that are most fulfilling and meaningful often boosts my spirits. But today when I was out for a walk -by myself- I realized that I have been using this sort of fantasizing as a crutch. I was by myself for nearly an hour, the afternoon sun was falling over the mountains, the leaves mostly gone from the trees and I found myself picturing what I most wanted to do and be. After about 30 uninterrupted minutes of this I began to wonder if this was actually a healthy way to pursue my time. Why wasn’t I actually doing these things instead of just wishing for them – I questioned. (I suppose in my usual musings I am with the children and have not had the silence to get to this part of the process.)

So after chewing on this for awhile I made a mental list of the things I truly do want. Now it is one thing to make a list and entirely another to commit to it. I have made a zillion lists in my time and have successfully hidden most of them in the couch cushions. I decided to turn over a new leaf, summon up my courage and pursue some (i.e. my) meaningful endeavors. This is something akin to a New Year’s revolution, but I am not in competition with all those other newly reformed slackers. This is just me, on my own path, doing my own walk. There is no time like the present, sieze the day, act now…whatever the case, I just might be on to something here.


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What is on your list? That’s great! How do you feel about medical editing?

Comment by jen-o-rama

Lists are great. The key, I have found in working with clients, is developing small lists with attainable items. Keeps your list from ending up between the couch cushions!

You’re definitely onto something!

Comment by MIM

Here are some links that I believe will be interested

Comment by lucianop19

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