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October 12, 2005, 8:17 pm
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I am a firm believer that a full tank of gas should not exceed $15. This is due to the fact that I began driving in the late 80’s and my first car was a small VW. I attended a Midwestern college where nearly everything hovered around $10. A meal out with friends $10(I was still too young to drink), entrance to a dance club $10, art supplies $10 and a mostly full tank of gas $10. A ten spot was a fairly easy and comfortable thing to produce. So now 16 years on down the line it still seems like the just thing to pay for my car to run.

This would be all well and good were it not for the stress current gas prices bring upon my being. Since I still cannot bring myself to put more than $15 in the tank, current gas prices mean that I must make several weekly stops at the filling station. My son, Loren, cringes when he sees the gas light on my car display, for he knows that soon enough we will have to stop for a fill and The Scene will again occur. On the other hand Cassidy gets extremely nervous when she sees the needle go below half full, she starts to fidget at 1/4 full and openly loses it when the light flickers to life. In either case we stop and it begins with me looking at the current price, grinding my teeth and muttering something along the lines of, “Those goddamned Republicans….” As I fill the tank I get more bothered and upon entering the car I am red in the face and exclaiming, “Those goddamned, fucking Republicans. Can you fucking believe this???” Cassidy, always eager for a drama, happily bobs her head up and down. Loren quietly accepts his present fate and mutters a yes. At this point I launch into how dependent the USA is on China for goods production, how The Republicans had a chance to improve the levees in New Orleans but actually cut the funding, how Bush is eliminating environmental programs left and right and the baby seals won’t have a polar ice cap to sit upon in a few years. Now I don’t actually watch T.V. or read newspapers. I never really know if my facts are true, and I am fairly sure they are often filled with HUGE untruths. But my point is this: Bush and his cronies are not good. Things are only getting worse. We really should not have to pay so goddamned much for a tank of gas. And my children should know this LOUD and FUCKING CLEAR. And as they get to witness this lesson several times a week, I think they just might be getting the point.


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You are too much. I would come out there and hang out with you, but the gas prices are killing me… šŸ™‚

Comment by jen-o-rama

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