Love Me Tender
October 10, 2005, 8:06 pm
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Raising a son into puberty has given me an entirley new understanding of the male gender. Over the past twelve years I have often believed that I would raise a new and different kind of man. A man who would call at the times he said he would call. A man who would be sensitive to all things. But I am coming to realize that testosterone is a groovey, groovey bedfellow, and that the argyle wearing boy I was gently stearing towards gracious living will indeed knock back a longneck with the best of them. I am learning that:

Men truly are mesmerized by electronic gadgets, it begins in early childhood with video games. The release of a new XBox game brings all things to a standstill in a fellow’s life, be he tall or small.

They don’t not call because they are jerks, there are just far more important things going on. Soccer, football, that new game release. These erase any awareness of previous obligations.

That true self-centeredness is not them being pricks, it just is what it is. Eventually they realize it and come crawling back for a hug.

I know there will be many more lessons along this puberty path, but today I am just grateful that his hormones tire him and he is going off to bed.


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Yeah, those damn x-box games. I am just as guilty of loving gadgets as those boys…

Wow, looking at pictures or Loren haunts me. You can’t know how much he looks like Matt, or how difficult it is for me to believe that I am looking at pictures of a different person from Matt.

It often takes my breath away.

Comment by jen-o-rama

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