Teacher’s Pet
October 6, 2005, 8:17 pm
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Tonight I called Loren’s teacher just to check in, touch bases etc., I hadn’t seen much in the way of nightly studies from him and when pressed on the subject, he replied’ “No worries, mom. I’ve got it all under control.” Turns out Loren has had homework for the past few weeks. He has had assignments and weekly quizzes. And tomorrow he has a presentation in front of the whole class. Silly me, here I thought they were just knitting and making bees wax sculptures at that Waldorf school.

In his defense I have to say that the apple is super close to the tree in this instance. His father could spend the entire semester anywhere but in the classroom and still pull off an A on the final exam. And I am a huge procrastinator who truly believes that tomorrow just might hold an additional 6 hours for me to get all my stuff done. Loren’s teacher marveled at his academic ablities, given that he uses the daily reviews as his only source of study efforts. I’m thinking Ivy League here, oh yeah.


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It’s true. Matt’s always been like that. Christian and Sam are pretty much like that too. It’s Tommy who has to work at it.

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