Another Banner Evening
October 4, 2005, 8:39 pm
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I hate most everything about scrapping children. I hate the high pitched, whiny sounds of their voices. I despise the stomping of their feet as they descend the stairs to tattle to me. I can not bear the flimsy ass excuses for their squabbles. The monotony of the fight subjects sometimes inspire thoughts of locking them out on the back porch -except that the neighbors might intervene. I loathe that yesterday, today and tomorrow and all the rest of this year’s days will consist of more senseless, crappy fights.

The only really good thing is that after they finish fighting about who will spit first while brushing their teeth is that they will go to bed in 15 minutes. Wa-freaking-hoo!!!!!


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Oh, I know. I don’t know which one I get more irritated with: the one who pokes, or the one who yells to me from his bed about it.


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