Buried Treasure
October 3, 2005, 9:35 pm
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Three kids has pushed me over an edge in so many ways. When we just had the first two I was able to maintain some sort of balance. But something about that third wheel has sent everything askew. Yesterday the cell phone went missing for most of the day. (I say THE cell phone meaning Matt’s phone because MY phone is gone: recently lost/stolen.) We were gone for a majority of the day and when we returned home it was not where I had left it -resting peacefully on the living room coffee table. We don’t have a land line so we couldn’t just call and listen for a ring. And just to add a little spice to the situation I remembered I had put it on vibrate so as not wake anybody earlier in the morning. Matt headed over to a friend’s house to call his phone. And I sent the bigger kids over to the park so that I could listen for some sort of a vibration sound. After twenty minutes and not a peep I suddenly had a revelation: DEVON! Ah, yes that stealthy varmit of a thief baby. His daily early morning entertainment consists of rounds between the living room and pantry where he redistributes anything he can quietly drag or carry to either location. Some mornings when I have not yet had my coffee he can get quite a bit accomplished without my knowledge. And among his most favorite of relocation destinations is the garbage can.

After our return home, and before the search, Matt had taken on the task and cleaning the refridgerator while I ran to the store. When I returned the fridge stink was gone to the dumpster. Of course with my newly found suspicions of the phone’s location this meant only one thing for me: a dumpster dive. I donned a pair of gloves, tromped down to the dumpster, dug out our bag and started sifting. Down at the bottom, under the rotting refried beans and nestled in a bed of coffee grounds was the silver clam beauty -and it was even vibrating.


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Oh my gosh– this was classic. I can even see Matt taking care of the refrigerator too– that is right up his alley (and then acting superior about it, er, uh, just kidding if you actually read this blog, Matt…)

Comment by jen-o-rama

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