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October 1, 2005, 10:24 pm
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There is a stench in my refridgerator that is beyond reason. It is a stink that inspires a stop, drop and roll action. My suspicions are with either an aged container of refried beans from at least two weeks ago or a ziploc bag of chicken breasts from whenever. The smell has been brewing for several days. Comments like,”Huh, something odd in there,” have surfaced at dinner time for the past few days. I finally detected a breaking-point-odor-situation tonight when I opened the freezer for a nip of ice cream and I almost wretched.

Today we were at a soccer tournament where we ate take out all day and tomorrow we have a another full day of soccer games so I will be able to avoid the stench dilemna for another 24 hours. I think with clever planning I can avoid it all until maybe Tuesday. Mornings of cereal which involve only a milk need. Dinners of freezer type items or PB&J’s. This is good, a 72 hour reprieve. I can go with that.


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OH my god, are you my soulmate?–>

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