Expansion of the Universes
September 25, 2005, 8:57 pm
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In an effort to avoid dealing with the night time routine, I have been poking about on various blogs this evening. Now that I have begun to blog I should probably be more supportive of these fellow blog peoples. However, I am not so sure I can. It was rather odd looking in at all those lives, like maybe I was reading their mail or peeking in their living room windows while they were privately scratching their butts or picking their noses. I read about one fellow who had oodles of posts about his new Mac software, and I mean oodles -as in months of different software topics. Another woman devotes each week to a different type of cupcake baking, I liked the thought of her. Yet another woman was all about crafting and crafty type fairs. Now I am not at all judging them, poking a wee bit of fun, yes, but nothing seriously cruel. I gotta hand it to them for their diligence about things like the best software companies, the smoothest frosting etc. This blogging thing is odd, really. I can’t fathom anybody actually reading mine, I just bitch about how hard it all is while I know that I am the one who creates a majority of the difficulties. Those other bloggers might motivate me to take up a hobby, expand my horizons, better the world around me.

Or not.

I will likely continue on, peeking at the other blogs for entertainment value and getting a cheap giggle out of it.

Is that bad?


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If that is bad, then I am so going to hell. Wait, I think that’s a sure thing anyway…

You need to read the blogs on my blogroll. Please tell me you were not reading the blogs on my blogroll last night, or some folks are gonna have to be ousted.

Comment by jen-o-rama

Have you seen this trend in photo-from phone blogging? Very diturbing, actually

Comment by Racketside

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