Futball, Anyone?
September 24, 2005, 7:08 pm
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Today was yet another soccer Saturday. In many years past this would have been an opportune occasion for a panic attack, but today I managed to maneuver my way through two games, an almost spouse/mother encounter, team pictures, interaction with the Other Moms, player drama -all without nary a hyperventilated breath. But, wait, I guess the day wasn’t really all about me….

Today Cassidy played first. Many comments like’ “Huh, Cassisy sure ends up on the ground alot.” “Oh, look, there’s that redhead, bet she’ll score.” And from her father (and with what I interpreted as awe), “Damn, she’s an aggressive little thing.” Soccer suits Cass. She gets to go out on the field, push other kids around, occasionally kick one or two, whoop and holler, and generally stomp about and kick some ass. She uses it completely for her own purposes and to her advantage. She loves the attention and applause. It doesn’t hurt that she is athletic, devious and ruthless. I worry about the other teams as she gets older and has more meat on her bones.

Loern’s game was second today. And I know all the parents always say this, but honest-freaking-abe, the other team was HUGE. As in sizable huge. This is a U14 league, meaning the kids are ages 12 and 13. But the opposing kids were in no way 12 and 13, they probably have to shave. I wanted to lift up their jersies to see if they were sporting chest hair. And my poor little Loren facing off against them. I wanted to grab him up and take him home. But I have to give him credit, he gave it all he had. He was fast, agile, aggressive (not always a strong trait for him) and couragous. I got teary as I had one of those amazing, emotional mom moments. As I held the baby on my hip and watched my little man on the field all was well: Cassidy had scored her goal, Loren was boldly facing the enemy, the baby was still and I could actually breathe.


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Damn, Heather, I’m so impressed with your writing skills! I need to start promoting your blog more heavily. Other people need to read it.

I soooo want to hear about the Almost Spouse/Mom encounter. Pllleeeeaaassseee?

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