Duck l’Orange
September 22, 2005, 7:38 pm
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This morning my eight year old daughter, Cassidy, caught me crying in the shower. When she asked me why, I told her I had stubbed my toe. Suspicious by nature, she asked again and I confirmed the toe injury. When I realized she wasn’t leaving the bathroom, I ducked my face in the water, poked my head out of the curtain and reassured I that I was indeed fine. And although she didn’t verbalize it, I could almost hear the words,” Uh-oh, Mom’s having a Dead Duck day.” Oh dear, I thought.

Now I should insert here that I am a huge Hugh Grant fan and that my children are often spontaneously subjected to a Hugh Grant Film Festival(HGFF). Among my favorites is About a Boy in which Hugh plays Awful-Caddy-Hugh, as opposed to Floppy-Bumbling-Hugh, and he befriends an adolescent nerd-boy named Marcus. At the onset of the movie, Marcus’s mother downs a bottle of pills after an early cry fest and ends up in the hospital. During this time Marcus happens to be in a park where he accidentally kills a duck with a loaf of heavy hippy bread. Out of desperation Marcus seeks out Bad Hugh’s company and guidance etc, etc. After many a viewing, my children have come to belive that early morning crying is a bad thing, as in Bad Thing.

Now I truly was not having a Dead Duck day. A bad day, yes. Stressful, you bet. However, lately my schedule is so crowded that I simply don’t have the time or convenience for a good, cathartic cry. Can’t cry while I serve up breakfast. On the way to school drop off is no good. The work environment is not conducive. Then there is afterschool pick up, soccer practice, homework time, dinner, the bedtime routine etc. It was either in the shower or wait until the end of the day, and by then I would be too tired to cry.


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God, that’s some good blogging. Heartbreaking, but damn fine blogging.

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